• “I’ve been taking my kids here since they were six months old. My daughter is now six and went in for sealants. She was very nervous about the procedure, but Alberto was so patient, kind, and gentle with her. My daughter cooperated the whole time and smiled when she was finished. She even got a popsicle after. I was very happy and relieved to have such a pleasant experience.

    They also accept apple health and made the process very smooth. I would recommend to any… Thank you.”

    Dellacia T.
  • “My kids have been coming here for years! The staff are so great!! They are always respectful and caring for my little ones. I have never had an issue with the staff which is good.”

    Rachael B.R.
  • “Kid’s Choice has always done such a great job with my kids, even the adhd, challenging kiddo. They have an excellent office staff, are really good with scheduling, and have a kid friendly office. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

    Cindee G.
  • “I’ve been coming to Kid’s Choice Dental a long time and it’s always been a pleasant experience. The front office staff is helpful and friendly, the office is clean and just right for kids. The doctors here are patient which is extremely necessary when dealing with fearful children.”

    N. C. H.
  • “My kids love coming here and the staff are so friendly and listen to it concerns. They actually care about the care of the children. 100% the best place for all kids to receive dental care!!!”

    Virginia R.
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Services in
Southcenter &
Tukwila WA

Dental Cleanings and X-RAYS for Kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

Preventative care is vitally important for your child’s oral health. Kid’s Choice Dental offers both dental cleanings and x-rays for kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA as part of that care. Additionally, preventative care helps prevent more expensive emergencies from occurring by keeping teeth and gums healthy. Allow Kid’s Choice Dental to help in keeping your children healthy.

Dental Emergencies for Kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

Parents do everything they can to keep their children safe, but unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. When dental emergencies for kids happen in Southcenter & Tukwila WA, there are a few things you can do to help and Kid’s Choice Dental is always available to help. Please contact us as soon as possible. While we understand this can be a scary and stressful time, but there are ways to handle it safely.

Cavity Fillings for Kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

Sometimes even with the best oral care, cavities and tooth decay can happen. Cavity fillings for kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA are a fairly common occurrence among children. According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 45% of children have cavities. Fillings can also be used to repair teeth damaged by tooth grinding or injury.

Kid’s Choice Dental offers kids cavity fillings, in addition to routine preventative care and other dental interventions. We offer a wide variety of services in our kid-friendly and comfortable office. Our excellent team of dentists and other dental professionals are very compassionate and will enjoy the chance to work with your family.

Chipped Tooth Repair for Kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

Mouth injuries resulting in a chipped tooth can be both painful and unsightly. If any of the soft tissue of your child’s mouth is cut, there is often a lot of blood and panic, as well. Kid’s Choice Dental offers chipped tooth repair for kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA, in addition to assistance with other dental emergencies or concerns. We specialize in helping children with dental anxiety and always make the effort to ensure your child’s dental experiences with us are positive.

Tooth Extractions for Kids in Southcenter WA

While most children lose their baby naturally between the ages of 5-11, there are some occasions when tooth extractions for kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA become necessary. A tooth extraction is typically a simple procedure that Kid’s Choice Dental has the experience to handle. Our team will also do our best to make this scary procedure more comfortable and less stressful. There are a variety of reasons why we may recommend a tooth extraction, and we will discuss them with you beforehand.

Sedation Dentistry for Kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

Dental visits are often a source of anxiety for both children and adults. The American Dental Association has found that 22% of all adults avoid dental care due to fear of the dentist. Kids Choice Dental offers pediatric sedation dentistry for kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA. This allows for a more comfortable dental visit and helps to ease anxiety. The sedation we offer is mild and doesn’t typically put your child to sleep. We understand you may have some concerns, but sedation is very safe and we offer a few different options.

Root Canals for Kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

Root canals are intimidating for adults, even more so for children. Kid’s Choice Dental would not undertake this procedure unless necessary. Our dental team is proficient in providing root canals for kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA, and we do everything we can to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to discuss them with us, we are here to help.

Flouride Treatment for Kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

The filling of cavities and other dental interventions can be extremely frightening for children. The sounds of drills and the dentist poking around in their mouth is intimidation. It is possible to reduce the number of interventions, if not eliminate them, with proper preventative care. Professional dental cleanings, frequent brushing, and flossing are just 3 of the ways. Another is fluoride treatment for kids.

Dental Sealants for Kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

At Kid’s Choice Dental we believe preventative measures are the best way avoid cavities and other dental diseases. This is why we offer many different options we can implement to help delay dental disease for young children. One of those options that Kid’s Choice Dental offers are dental sealants for kids in Southcenter & Tukwila WA. This helps to protect premolars and molars from developing cavities.

Pediatric Dental Office of Kids Choice Dental in Southcenter & Tukwila WA

Providing specialized dentistry for children and adolescents in a child-friendly environment. Patient experience is our highest priority for all children who enter our practice. Kids Choice Dental offers the most comfortable environment for all patients, especially those with dental anxiety. Dr. Polsky and associates have extensive training in Laser Dentistry, IV Sedation, and Hospital Dentistry. Serving the pediatric dental needs for infants, children, teens, and special needs patients in Southcenter and Tukwila Washington and the surrounding cities of University Place, Lakewood, Fife, Spanaway, Parkland, Bonney Lake, Graham, Sumner, Edgewood, and LakeTapps Washington.

Regardless if an infant, child or teen, your first visit to the Pediatric Dental office of Kids Choice Dental in Southcenter & Tukwila WA must be as positive and enjoyable as possible. We’ll make their first visit to the Dentist for Kids— and every one after that — amazing. We will help your infant, child or teen develop proper oral hygiene practices early and teach them how to focus on prevention so many problems never even get started. And we’ll make it fun and very rewarding. We’re the foundation to your child’s dental health. We think your children deserve the best in pediatric dental care. Please call us or schedule an appointment online here with your Pediatric Dentist at Kids Choice Dental.

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