Tongue Tie or Lip Tie

We got it covered.

We offer simple solutions for babies and kids with nursing and speech problems.

Your child cannot nurse well? Restricted tongue motion or your child has hard times pronouncing certain letters? We got it covered. Our highly qualified dentists will examine your young one to see if treatment for tight frenulum is necessary. Keep in mind, in many cases your child’s tongue tissue may not need any treatment at all.

Experience contactless check-in in Tacoma, WA

To ensure a quick and straightforward dental emergency visit, we'll collect your forms, insurance information, and payment methods digitally.

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We keep our wait times low for your convenience and safety

We know you have a million things to do, so we respect your valuable time. We'll be ready and waiting for you!

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Let Us Help With
Your Pediatric Dental

We don't just solve problems,
we prevent them.
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In case of a pediatric dental emergency, call:

(253) 848-7000

Safety is our priority

Enhanced PPE, squeaky clean offices, and sterilized equipment.

Gentle Cleaning

We are thorough, but also make sure our patients are comfortable.

Only what's necessary

We make suggestions based on what your child needs. Nothing extra.
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