What if a Tooth Extraction is Necessary for My Kid?

While most children lose their baby naturally between the ages of 5-11, there are some occasions when tooth extractions for kids in Seattle, Pierce & King Counties WA become necessary. A tooth extraction is typically a simple procedure that Kid’s Choice Dental has the experience to handle. Our team will also do our best to make this scary procedure more comfortable and less stressful. There are a variety of reasons why we may recommend a tooth extraction in Seattle, Pierce & King Counties WA, and we will discuss them with you beforehand.

Reasons for Kids Tooth Extractions in in Seattle, Pierce & King Counties WA

Some reasons for extraction include damage caused by decay, injury or trauma. Additionally, if the baby teeth are delayed in coming out, they may crowd the adult teeth which can cause expensive orthodontic treatment in the future. Also, some teeth may need to be removed to assist in orthodontic treatment because the mouth is too crowded.

Process of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions for kids are simpler than for adults. There are often fewer complications and the procedure is fairly straightforward. The first step is an x-ray to determine the root structure of the tooth and bone condition. Most extractions only require a local anesthetic, but for more anxious patients, sedation is an option. The patient may also need sedation if the extraction also requires the removal of gum tissue. The dentist will use dental forceps to grip the tooth and move it within the socket using rotation to help separate the periodontal ligaments which connect the tooth to the jawbone. The dentist will then remove the tooth.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After the extraction, some bleeding is normal. The dentist will apply sterile cotton gauze to the empty socket once the tooth is gone. The dentist may have had to apply some stitches to help the area to heal. A protective clot will form and it is vital that you keep it in place. If the clot comes off, dry socket will develop. It is extremely painful and exposes the bone underneath to food, liquids, and air. An infection could develop as well.

To help the protective clot develop, avoid rinsing during the 24 hours following the procedure. Afterwards, you should rinse with salt water to help decrease pain and keep the area clean. Give your child acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or a combination of both, to assist with pain following your dentist’s guidelines. Additionally, a cold compress can help reduce swelling. If your child develops a fever or excessive swelling, contact your dentist immediately. These may be signs of infection, and the dentist will prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

Your child should only eat soft foods for the first couple of days following the procedure. Avoid crunchy and hard food for a week minimum is important as they can dislodge the clot. Also, avoid using straws, as the sucking motion can also dislodge the protective clot. Making sure your child drinks plenty of water which helps the area remain clean and ensures they are hydrated.

Kid’s Choice Dental in Washington State

Tooth extractions for kids in Washington State are fairly common and in most cases, a simple procedure. Having a pediatric dentist perform the extraction often alleviates the concerns of many parents. Our pediatric dentists in Seattle, Pierce & King Counties WA have additional training in handling younger patients and their unique dental structures. Kid’s Choice Dental is one of the best in the area and a knowledgeable resource in keeping your child’s smile healthy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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