Kids Dentist in Tacoma, WA

The dentist's office is often thought of as a scary place for both children and adults. It's no wonder dental anxiety often prevents early treatment of dental pain. When searching for a kids dentist in Tacoma, WA you want an office that makes both parents and their children feel comfortable. It's important for children to become comfortable with routine dental care and the dental office you choose has a big impact on future comfort.

Kid's Choice Dental has made it their mission to make the dental office less intimidating. With patient-focused care and compassion, each of our staff members make the effort to provide a safe and comforting environment. In addition, Dr. Ellen Polsky, the owner, has her board certification in pediatric dentistry displaying her strong commitment to her patients' care.

Importance of Early Preventative Care

Long thought to be the leading cause in childhood disease, dental cavities and decay should be addressed early to prevent future problems. In fact, dental concerns occur more frequently than the other most common childhood disease, asthma. Additionally, dental disease can increase the occurrence of other general health problems, such as trouble eating. Poor dental care can lead to infections, heart disease, and diabetes. This often results in emergency room visits and missing days at school. Better oral health results in better health and an increase in quality of life.

According to some studies, early and frequent dental visits can reduce emergency dental visits and lower overall costs in dental care for the patient and their family. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that families with children create an ongoing relationship with their child's dentist. The first visit should occur within 6 months of the first tooth. It is important to continue this relationship and its accompanying care.

Pediatric Specialty

While there is nothing wrong with bringing your child to a general dentist, there are some benefits to using a dentist who specializes in pediatrics. Pediatric specialists will spend an additional 2-3 years focusing on additional schooling towards certification. The additional training provides knowledge in dealing with children, not only their special needs regarding teeth, but also behavior.

Children are not small adults, and pediatric dentists have the training to handle each child and their challenges on an individual basis. This also allows for personalized care that develops a bond of trust between your child and their dentist. And that can only be a benefit in the long-term care of your child's oral health.

Kids Dentist in Tacoma, WA

Kid's Choice Dental specializes in providing dental care for children and adolescents in our child-friendly environment. Our highest priority is in providing a positive experience to all of our patients, but especially for those who experience dental anxiety. Please contact us today to schedule your child's first visit.

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