What to do if Your Kid has a Dental Emergency

Parents do everything they can to keep their children safe, but unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. When dental emergencies for kids happen in Washington State, there are a few things you can do to help and Kid’s Choice Dental is always available to help. Please contact us as soon as possible. While we understand this can be a scary and stressful time, but there are ways to handle it safely.


A toothache is not always an emergency, but it can be concerning nonetheless. Inspect the area closely to see if perhaps some food may be trapped. If so, brush and floss around that area gently to try to loosen the trapped food and rinse with warm saltwater. If the pain persists, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Also, applying an ice pack or cold compress and providing over-the-counter pain medication may help to ease discomfort until the appointment time.

Bitten Lip, Cheek, or Tongue

If your child has bitten their lip, cheek, or tongue badly enough it causes a lot of bleeding, you should try to get the bleeding, swelling, and pain under control with an ice pack or compress. Once that’s accomplished, you should clean the area with water to determine damage. If you are unable to control the bleeding or swelling, contact us at Kid’s Choice Dental for further directions. You may need an emergency appointment.

Damaged Teeth

A chipped or broken tooth doesn’t often need to be seen immediately, unless it is sensitive or painful. In that case, call Kid’s Choice Dental to schedule an emergency appointment. If there isn’t any discomfort, it isn’t time-sensitive, but still should be addressed to avoid future complications. At home you can rinse the area with water and apply a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling. If you still have the tooth fragment, save it so an attempt to reattach it can be made.

Knocked Out Teeth

When it comes to dental emergencies, knocked out teeth are one of the more time-sensitive. The missing tooth will need re-implantation within 30 minutes to provide the best opportunity for survival. Baby teeth do not typically receive reattachment, but a mouth spacer may be needed. Permanent teeth are a different matter when they are knocked out. If not addressed promptly it can cause significant issues:

  • Bone loss within the jaw
  • Teeth may shift
  • Chewing can become difficult
  • Excessive wear on remaining teeth
  • Jaw joint changes

If a tooth becomes knocked out, your first step is to deal with the bleeding by using pressure. You can do this by having your child bite on gauze or a wet teabag. Additionally, if possible try to put the tooth back in the socket. Be sure to cleanse it of any debris first. Do not touch the root of the tooth, but the crown. If you are unable to put it into the socket, placing it in milk or saliva will help keep it viable. Call Kid’s Choice Dental immediately, we can schedule to have the tooth reattached and splinted.

Dental Emergencies for Kids in Washington State

Any serious injuries to the face can cause damage to teeth and you should contact us at Kid’s Choice Dental to schedule an appointment. We may need to do an x-ray to make ensure the health of all your child’s teeth. We will need to address immediately any visible damage to teeth or if one has been knocked out. Additionally, if your child has tooth pain you should inform us. Here at Kid’s Choice Dental, we want to make sure your child keeps his great smile. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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