How Often Should My Kid Get a Dental Cleaning?

It is Recommended that a Kid's Dental Cleaning Should Occur Every 6 Months

Regular dental cleanings can help prevent tooth infections and decay, in addition to preventing gingivitis. Even baby teeth should receive preventative care, such as dental cleanings. The early loss of baby teeth can cause damage to the development of adult teeth and cause misalignment concerns that may have to be addressed with expensive orthodontic treatments.

Preventative care is vitally important for your child’s oral health. Kid’s Choice Dental offers both dental cleanings and x-rays for kids in Seattle, Pierce & King Counties WA as part of that care. Additionally, preventative care helps prevent more expensive emergencies from occurring by keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Kids Dental Cleanings in Seattle, Pierce & King Counties WA

Tooth brushing and flossing while an important habit to instill in your child, does not always remove plaque or food debris from the teeth. When plaque remains on the teeth for over 48 hours it hardens into tartar. Plaque and tartar are the leading causes of gingivitis, a disease which infects the gums and can cause tooth loss and other dental emergencies.

Importance of X-Rays

For parents there is a concern regarding x-rays and the possible exposure to unnecessary radiation. We use low radiation digital x-rays to protect your child.  Our dentists will recommend an x-ray for few different reasons:

  • Determining if there is enough room for permanent teeth
  • To determine if baby teeth are being lost fast enough to make room for adult teeth
  • Checking if there are any impacted teeth
  • Verifying tooth decay
  • To check for tumors or cyst

Dentists typically follow the guidelines set by the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug Administration. They use the lowest dose of radiation and often provide throat and chest guards to reduce exposure. Additionally, good oral hygiene will lower the incidence of x-rays. Encourage your child to brush their teeth twice daily and floss regularly. Regular dental cleanings also help to lower the risk of decay and the need for x-rays as well.

Kid’s Choice Dental in Washington State

Dental cleanings and x-rays for kids are just 2 of the ways we provide expert oral care to your children. At Kid’s Choice Dental we want to ensure your child’s oral health is a priority and we specialize in providing dental care in a child-friendly environment. Kid’s Choice Dental makes a commitment to provide a positive and comfortable experience to all of our young patients, even those with dental anxiety. Please contact us to schedule your child’s first visit.

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