What to do if Your Kid Chipped a Tooth

Mouth injuries resulting in a chipped tooth can be a traumatic event for your child. If any of the soft tissue of your child’s mouth is cut, there is often a lot of blood and panic, as well. Kid’s Choice Dental offers chipped tooth repair for kids, in addition to assistance with other dental emergencies or concerns. We specialize in helping children with dental anxiety and always make the effort to ensure your child’s dental experiences with us are positive.

Here's what you can do from home your kid chips a tooth

Understandably, you’re probably a little upset and your child is in pain which doesn’t help. First thing to do, take a deep breath. Attempt to calm your child so you can see how bad the injury is to the tooth and soft tissues. Once you’ve established the extent of the injury, call us immediately.

If there is bleeding from the soft tissues of the mouth, apply pressure and a cold compress to reduce swelling. Sucking on some ice may help with pain as well, but be careful of the tooth itself as it may be sensitive to cold. If the tooth itself is bleeding, apply pressure there as well using a gauze pad. Isolate any tooth fragments and save them in a small glass of milk. If your child is in pain, over the counter pain medication can help.

Chipped Tooth Repair for Kids in Seattle Washington

There are a few different ways the dentist can fix the tooth, but it will depend on the extent of the damage. The dentist may be able to bond the tooth fragments back onto the tooth if the chip is minor. Another option may be to fill the area of tooth enamel that is missing with a composite resin.

If the damage to the tooth is beyond what the dentist can fill, a crown or cap may be put into place to protect the tooth instead. Also, a veneer may be used if the damage is more severe than what a crown or cap can protect. The most drastic option would be a root canal. This would be a requirement if the root of the tooth is exposed, to better protect the root structure.

Kid’s Choice Dental - Pediatric Dentistry in Washington State

Kid’s Choice Dental offers a variety of services to address the repair of your child’s teeth in the event of an injury. Our kid-friendly office with our team of compassionate dental professionals will always do our best to repair your child’s smile. Contact us today for an appointment for chipped tooth repair in Seattle, King County, and Pierce County Washington.

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