Is Fluoride Treatment a Good Idea for My Kid?

We Can Avoid Having to Drill

It is possible to reduce the number of interventions using a drill on your child's teeth, if not eliminate them, with proper preventative care. Professional dental cleanings, frequent brushing, and flossing are just 3 of the ways. Another is fluoride treatment for kids.

Kid’s Choice Dental understands that dental anxiety is common and as such we do everything we can to make each dental visit a pleasant experience. This is why we offer preventative measures, like dental cleanings and fluoride treatments. Our goal is to ensure your child’s healthy smile with little to no fear of the dentist.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in all bodies of water, including the ocean. This mineral can help reduce the occurrence of decay by helping to re-mineralize the enamel in the teeth. When sugar is eaten, bacteria in the mouth create acid that attacks the enamel in your teeth and weakens it, allowing decay to develop. But fluoride when mixed with the saliva in your mouth combine to create fluorapatite which helps strengthen the enamel again. This is why it is so important to introduce fluoride to the teeth early.

Fluoride Treatment for Kids in Seattle, Pierce & King Counties WA

Many dentists offer fluoride treatments to help prevent cavities in young children. It is sometimes offered by pediatricians as well. Often the first treatment is recommended when the first tooth appears. Because the treatment is applied directly to the teeth and the amount of fluoride does not reach toxicity, there is no concern in regards to your child swallowing.

Fluoride Varnish

One of the more common fluoride treatments is fluoride varnish, which the dentist will paint directly onto your child’s teeth. It dries very quickly and may leave a slight yellow tint. Your child should not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes following the application of the varnish. It can be brushed off after 4 hours, but most dentists recommend keeping it on until the following morning if possible for maximum penetration of the fluoride.

Fluoride Trays

The use of trays to apply fluoride isn’t as common as fluoride varnish. The trays contain a fluoride foam. The patient bites down on the tray and foam surrounds the teeth. The patient will then sit with them in his mouth for a few minutes. The same aftercare of waiting 30 minutes before eating or drinking applies. Also, a 4 hour wait to brush or floss also applies.

Kid’s Choice Dental

At Kid’s Choice Dental we offer fluoride treatment along with other preventative measures. Dental interventions such as cavity filling or root canals can be avoided if the right steps are taken to prevent them. Regular brushing and flossing are only two tools to help keep your child’s smile healthy. Contact Kid’s Choice Dental for additional information on preventative measures.

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