Invisalign clear aligners were designed to transform your smile without interrupting your life. Invisalign teen aligners are removable for easy cleaning and, best of all, you can eat anything you want!!! Our Orthodontic Team will transform your smile without brackets, wires, or food restrictions with our new computer guided technology.

Considering braces yourself? No problem! Our Orthodontist will provide the consultation for any parent who wants the invisible braces!

Invisalign won't cramp your style

  • Super Fast Results

    Starting Invisalign treatment when your child is young helps get the fastest results possible.

  • Super Convenient

    Invisalign clear aligners were designed to transform smiles without interrupting your life.

  • Affordable Payments

    With Invisalign First & Teen, we offer affordable payment plans to fit your budget.

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Your child's smile journey will be easy

Step 1

In-person consult

Our orthodontist will take a digital scan of your child's teeth using the iTero Scanner.

Step 2

Attachments placed

Your orthodontist places attachments that are specifically designed for your child.

Step 3

Aligners Installed

Your orthodontist makes sure the first set fits perfectly and gives you future aligners with instructions.

Step 4

Visit every 8 weeks

Your orthodontist will check the progress of your child's teeth and make sure things are going just right.

Step 5

Finish up

We'll give you a retainer with instructions on how to use it properly

Step 6

Smile : )

Show the world your beautiful and confident smile!

Real kids, real results

Overjet / Overbite
  • My child was very nervous about coming. All the staff have been excellent about helping him feel at ease during every step of the process on our visit. I am most appreciative of their understanding of the need for kids to have small steps in the process and to inform them of what they can expect in order to reduce their worries.

    Jaime B.
  • We have been going here for three years, the service is great and it just feels like family. They ensure you understand the process and are patient with the kids. Love the entire team!

    Ashley S.
  • Always so friendly and easy to work with! Kids are not worried to come in for check ups. We have had a great experience with everyone here.

    MIndi H.

Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions

Is treatment with Invisalign painful?

Invisalign clear aligners move your teeth by gently applying a constant force. Sometimes people feel discomfort the first couple of days after wearing a new set of aligners. Most people describe feeling a pressure on their teeth. This is normal, as the aligners are doing their job to move the teeth and transform your smile. If you are having any concerns about the discomfort you are feeling, please contact us.

Will my child's speech be affected by wearing Invisalign clear aligners?

You may find that your child’s tongue takes a couple of days to get used to having the Invisalign clear aligners in their mouth. They may also have a slight lisp, but this should go away quickly as the tongue gets used to the aligners.

How long will my child's Invisalign treatment take?

The length of your child’s Invisalign treatment will be between 12 and 20 months, and you will start to see results in just a couple of weeks. Patient compliance with wearing aligners and how complex their case is will be the two biggest factors in how long treatment will take. Our orthodontists will determine how long treatment should take based on your needs.

How many hours per day should my child wear their aligners?

Your child’s Invisalign clear aligners should be worn for 22 hours a day. The only time they should be taken out is for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

How often will I need to change my child's Invisalign clear aligners?

Your child’s orthodontist will instruct you on how often you need to change your child’s aligners. The two most common recommendations are between every week or every two weeks depending on how quickly your child’s teeth are moving.